Wicked Barber - Brandy

Distilled from mature wines and refined in oak barrels – a
Enjoyment that perfectly combines tradition and innovation

Wicked Barber delights with a bouquet of raisins, quinces and ripe figs, complemented by the seductive scent of almonds and vanilla. The young oak gives the spirit a pleasant melt and the light tobacco note lingers for a long time. Even when the glass is empty, the intense aromas remain present.

Who is Will – the Wicked Barber?

William loves his job as a barber and has a feeling for fine wines - but it breaks his heart to see how many old wines are no longer drunk but simply thrown away.

While walking through the wild and untouched Emmental, Will had a brainwave - he now collects old wines, distills them into a delicious brandy and finally lets it mature in oak barrels to create a great new and noble drink.

Crazy, this Will, isn't he?

The Wicked Barber Pleasure

The Wicked Barber is not only great to enjoy neat - you can also mix it. Marko Tordinac created the Ruby Butterfly for us, a cocktail ideal for the bar or at home.

Level: advanced

Ruby Butterfly

by Marko Tordinac

4cl Wybrand
3cl lemon juice
2cl sugar syrup
2cl egg white
2cl raspberry puree
1cl Grand Marnier

Dried lime, raspberry powder

Method - Dry shake

Time travel – how did the first WYBRAND come about?

This video from 2019 gives you a brief insight into the production of our products. Back then we produced WYBRAND in a dark and a light version, which later became our Wicked Barber.

How is the Wicked Barber made?