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Wiched Barber XO 70cl

Wiched Barber XO 70cl

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Wybrand XO

As the maturation of the Wicker Barber XO is not yet complete and it still has several years of oak cask ageing ahead of it (the first batch will be ready in 2032), we are unfortunately not yet able to describe what it will taste like.

We look forward to adding more details here once we finally have the finished product in the Wybrand glass.




Made from red, rosé, white, sweet and sparkling wine


Stored for 10 years in oak barrels

First delivery November 2032


42% vol

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Why Wybrand XO?

By definition, XO stands for Extra Old and is very often used for matured cognac. This requires storage in the barrel for at least 10 years. The long storage in the barrel makes the distillate more balanced, rounder and the subtleties are more beautifully integrated.

Time is one of the most precious commodities of all. Often too little attention is paid to the time factor, because everything has to happen quickly. We take the time to create a great product that is allowed to mature slowly.