Wild Betty

Betty made it and fought her way to the top with her unshakeable will. In doing so, she inspires many other women to do the same and to work for a sustainable and just world.

So that she can remain true to her motto "Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength" when celebrating her successes, Betty creates her own liqueur from old wines and thus avoids unnecessary food waste.

Inspiration paired with sustainability - wild, isn't it?

  • Collect old wine

    We use wines that would otherwise be discarded.

  • distilling wines

    The wine is distilled locally at the Kramer distillery.

  • refine distillate

    Natural aromas complement the fire obtained

  • Open & enjoy

    Enjoy the delicious newfound Wybrand!

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Wild Betty Collection

serving suggestions

Wild Betty Tonic

  • 4cl Wild Betty Wybrand
  • Top up with Schweppes Indian Tonic or Schweppes Tonic Hibiscus


  • berries for decoration

Wild Betty white wine

  • 4cl Wild Betty Wybrand
  • White wine


  • Top off with a dash of soda or Sprite

Wild Betty Prosecco

  • 2cl Wild Betty Wybrand
  • Prosecco (or alternative sparkling wine)
  • some soda


  • an edible hibiscus flower for decoration

Serviervorschlag für Ambitionierte

Betty in Coconut feeling

  • 4cl Wild Betty Wybrand
  • 2cl Gin
  • 2cl Batida de coco
  • 3cl Zitronensaft
  • 1 Eiweiss

zusammen mit Eis shaken
double strain
mit Tonic langsam aufgiessen


Monika Zünd zeigt wies geht