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Wicked Barber Wybrand 5cl

Wicked Barber Wybrand 5cl

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Wicked Barber Wybrand

On the nose, a bouquet of sultanas, quince and ripe fig, with a seductive scent of almonds and vanilla. The young oak provides a pleasant melting and the light tobacco note lasts for a long time. Even when the glass is empty, the intense aromas are still present for a long time.

Matured in oak barrels.




Made from red, rosé, white, sweet and sparkling wine


Matured in oak barrels for about 1 year


42% vol



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Wicked Barber is

- free from colourings and additives

- 100% from wine that is no longer drunk

- locally distilled by Simon Kramer

- for pleasurable moments

Ruby Butterfly

by Marko Tordinac

Is this refreshing drink something for your bar? Or would you like to recreate "Ruby Butterfly" at home?

4cl Wybrand
3cl lemon juice
2cl sugar syrup
2cl egg white
2cl raspberry puree
1cl Grand Marnier

Dried lime, raspberry powder

Method - Dry shake